About Us

The company is a Pakistani-owned business that is dedicated to bring in various food chains and coffee brands from Europe to Pakistan. The owners of the company have lived and worked in Europe for their entire professional career and still continued, and now wants to use their personal connections to create jobs and business opportunities in their homeland.

The company’s mission is to introduce high-quality European food and coffee brands to the Pakistani market, By bringing in these ( Roberts coffee and modo syrups) well-established brands, the company hopes to offer something new and exciting to Pakistani consumers, while also fostering economic growth and development.

Our Brands

We believe that coffee should be fresh roasted, of the highest quality and simply amazing. We source the best coffee beans.
We are delighted to introduce for the first time in Pakistan, MODO , a delicious range of syrups.


Finergo Foods Pvt Ltd provide the oppertunity for you to be an entrepreneur with Robert’s Coffee with in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. You will be able to enjoy the best of both world: you will be both independent and strong. Robert’s Coffee will provide you with a strong brand and a genuine tradition of Finnish coffee, which you will promote and watch over as one of our franchise entrepreneures.
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